In 1987, the original book, “A Week at K-State: Photographs of College Life,” documented life on the K-State campus for 7 days. In 2012, we took seven days and showed how college life molds us into individuals who help, communicate, teach, entertain and comfort. No matter where we are in the world, we take the life lessons we learned from college to impact the world around us. The outcome of these lessons can carry on to any home, job or school. As members of the K-State family, we will take a moment and look at our own impact.

“We Are K-State” will be a collection of stories – extraordinary photographs and captivating videos. As former Kansas State photojournalists and journalists, we will tell the stories of Kansas State and how college experiences guide individuals through life.

This photojournalism project will be owned and distributed by Collegian Media Group, a nonprofit, 501(c)3 organization. All proceeds from the project will help fund student journalism at K-State. Our goal is to document the impact of college experiences and lessons, celebrate the talented photojournalists who have attended Kansas State, recruit new students, and demonstrate storytelling in the changing field of journalism.


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